Del. No Deliverable name WP no. Lead Partici-
Delivery date Nature Dissemi-
nation level
D-1.1 6-monthly project progress reports 1 EWS 6/12/18/24/30 R CO
D-1.2 Yearly financial and technical controlling re-ports 1 EWS 12/24/36 R CO
D-2.1 One project web-site, webcam and folders for each pilot site 2 EWS 24 O PU
D-2.2 Information board and guided visitor tours at the pilot sites 2 EWS 24 O PU
D-2.3 Brochures about costs of wind energy generation and wind potential in SEE 2 EWS 36 O PU
D-2.4 Summary of final report ready to be published 2 EWS 36 O PU
D-2.5 Socio-economic studies at the project sites 2 VE/AWP/ Masurica 36 R PU
D-2.6 Two conferences on wind energy in complex terrain 2 EWS 12/36 O PU
D-2.7 Wind workshop for companies 2 EWS 30 O PU
D-3.1 Yearly reports (3 years) of long term measurements for each pilot site. 3 EWS 12/24/36 R CO
D-3.2 Reports on short term measurement campaign for each pilot site. 3 EWS 36 R CO
D-4.1 Documentation of each SODAR and LIDAR measurement campaign 4 MET-SW 24 R PU
D-4.2 Results of each SODAR and LIDAR measurement campaign 4 MET-SW 22 R PU
D-4.3 Report on typical patterns in the temporal evolution of the vertical wind profile during Bora events 4 MET-SW 24 R PU
D-4.4 Comparison of SODAR and LIDAR profiles 4 MET-SW 22 R PU
D-4.5 Rating of the suitability of LIDAR for measuring vertical profile of wind speed in complex terrain 4 MET-SW 24 R PU
D-4.6 Summary of the WP’s main conclusions and their relevance to wind energy utilisation 4 MET-SW 24 R PU
D-5.1 Long term 10-minute time series of wind data from Mostar met station 5 MET-BIH 8 R PU
D-5.2 Report with description of local wind systems and case study results 5 MET-SW 20 R PU
D-5.3 Website with 24 h wind forecast for pilot project areas 5 MET-SW 24 O PU
D-6.1 Report on the development and configuration of the meso-scale modelling system. 6 DEWI 10 R PU
D-6.2 Validation of meso-scale simulation and assessment of the short term correlation 6 DEWI 15 R CO
D-6.3 Meso-scale simulation of long term wind conditions over South East Europe 6 DEWI 17 R PU
D-7.1 Description of mean wind, turbulence, wind shear, flow inclination and extreme wind conditions at project sites 7 DEWI 8 R PU
D-7.2 Energy yield assessment 7 DEWI 8 R PU
D-7.3 Flow model comparison and verification results 7 DEWI 12 R PU
D-8.1 Optimized wind farm outline for each pilot site 8 EWS 10 R CO
D-8.2 Reports on environmental impact statement for pilot sites 8 EWS 8 R PU
D-8.3 Reports on results of approval procedures 8 EWS 10 R PU
D-9.1 Certification report on the assessment of site specific load assumptions for the wind turbines 9 OCC 10 R PU
D-9.2 Site Specific Certificate for the wind turbines 9 OCC 10 R PU
D-9.3 Compilation of the national building codes in a technical report 9 UNMO 12 R PU
D-10.1 Investment cost for each pilot site based on tendering 10 EWS 14 R PU
D-10.2 Evidence of economic efficiency and financing plan for each pilot site 10 EWS 14 R PU
D-10.3 Documentation of construction works for each pilot site 10 EWS 14 R PU
D-10.4 Three pilot wind turbines at three project locations 10 VE/AWP/ Masurica 14 D PU
D-11.1 Report on operational experience for each pilot site 11 EWS 36 R PU
D-11.2 Recalculation of economic efficiency for each pilot site 11 EWS 36 R PU
D-12.1 Providing a high quality, high resolution data base for research purposes including report 12 DEWI 25 O CO
D-12.2 Report on site calibration results with emphasis on the 3D information from the sonic and comparison with the calculated results 12 DEWI 30 R PU
D-12.3 Report on power curve measurements with emphasis on nacelle anemometer based methods 12 DEWI 30 R PU