Institute for Multidisciplinary Research
Kneza Višeslava 1
11030 Belgrade

tel: +381 11 3555 258
fax: +381 11 3055 289

Institute for Multidisciplinary Research (IMSI) is a science and research public establishment founded by the University of Belgrade and the Parliament of Republic of Serbia in 1970 under the name of Center for Multidisciplinary Studies of the University of Belgrade. IMSI is established with aim to promote research in the borderline disciplines and multidisciplinary areas of science and technology. IMSI scientific staff is at present engaged in areas such as biophysics, biomedical engineering, material science, electrochemistry, renewable energies, and environmental protection. IMSI has three major departments: 1) Department of Biophysics, Neurosciences & Biomedical Engineering, 2) Department of Material Sciences & Energy Conversion. 3) Department of Natural Resources & Environmental Sciences. IMSI has a long-standing reputation in Serbia as a promoter of the renewable and sustainable energy resources. IMSI was the coordinator of major projects of the Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection of Republic of Serbia related to investigation of solar and wind energy potentials in Serbia, most notably, “Study of Energy Potentials in Serbia for Use of Solar Radiation and Wind Energy” (2004) and “Atlas of Solar and Wind Energy Potentials in Serbia” (2008). IMSI also performs wind measurements and offers related consultancy services.

Participant’s Role

IMSI will bring its experience and knowledge of the local wind systems (e.g., Koshava) and perform long-term wind measurements. IMSI will also use its expertise to perform socio-economic and environmental-impact studies at the project site.